Adam Wikia
The Humble Mobile Bundle
From Humble Bundle
Available Mar 26, 2013
BTA Games
  • Metal Slug 3
  • The Room
  • Funky Smugglers
  • Raiden Legacy
  • Another World
DRM DRM-free
Platforms Android
  • EFF
  • Child's Play

The Humble Mobile Bundle was the twenty-third bundle from Humble Bundle, and the sixth with an Android focus. Although unlike previous Android bundles, this one only included Android versions of the games (no Steam keys). The Humble Bundle Android app was updated to help install the bundle’s games on Android devices.


Purchasers could set their price from one cent up to as high as desired. The price could be divided any way between game developers, the bundle itself, and two charities, EFF and Child's Play.


The bundle contains Contre Jour, Anomaly Korea, Plants vs. Zombies, and Bladeslinger for any price. Beating the average price added Metal Slug 3, and The Room. Bonuses games were added a week into the bundle which included: Funky Smugglers, Raiden Legacy, and Another World.


All games in this bundle can be downloaded for Android.