Adam Wikia
The Alpha Collection #1
From Indie Royale
Available Feb 23, 2012 — Mar 1, 2012
DRM Desura DRM-free
Platforms Windows Mac Linux

The Alpha Collection #1 was the eighth bundle from Indie Royale. It contained only three games, and all of them were in alpha status (not actually released yet). Since it used the same minimum as other Indie Royale bundles which usually included five released games, a lot of criticism was centered around it being to expensive.


Purchasers could set their price from the current minimum up to as high as desired. Paying the minimum would raise the minimum for others, while paying enough over the minimum would lower it.


The bundle included Towns, 3079, and Wyv and Keep. All three games were in alpha status and purchasers support their continued development while gaining access to periodic builds and the eventual release copies.


This bundle did not support Steam, but keys for all three were eventually added once they made it through Steam Greenlight.


Purchasing this bundle at any price included separate Desura keys for each game.


All three games can be downloaded DRM-free for Windows.


Towns and 3079 can be downloaded DRM-free for Mac.


Towns and 3079 can be downloaded DRM-free for Linux.