Steam version of King Arthur's Gold ( ) says to be available as both Windows , Mac and Linux version - if anyone thinks it ought to be added in a comment on the the page here !!! FiatLux (talk)

Not sure what you are referring to. The page has all 3 listed as platforms for the game. As far as Hidden Gems entry goes, there were no DRM-free versions, so only Steam should be listed. Redlenses (talk) 13:54, 7 April 2014 (PDT)
Hence I listed only Steam for the Blink bundle , but I were not sure if it were proper to add as remark that the Steam version gives access to both Windows , Max and Linux version through Steam - I mean I am nothing more than a sort of guest contributor here - but I gather that such info is not considered to be appropriate side remarks / help ;)
(Ah , OK I see the Windows icon is not platform icon but DRM free icon sorry for that mistake ;) ) FiatLux (talk)
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