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Editing this Wiki![]

If you would like to create new pages or modify existing pages, please follow the Guidelines listed below.

If you'd like to contribute to a protected page such as the Home page or site Menus, please use the Discussion tab on that protected page. Any discussion items will be reviewed and applied shortly after submission by a admin.

This is work in progress. if you find any errors please inform one of the admins!

Discussion Pages[]

When creating a new item on a discussion page, please use the link to Add Topic. Please sign your new item or any additional comments you make using ~~~~ at the end of your comment. When commenting on an existing topic, please indent your new comment with the appropriate number of colon : characters at the start of the sentence. For additional Help and examples please see


When updating existing pages, please fill in the Edit Summary, and Preview your changes before submitting.

You can edit the Current Bundles by using the link here or by clicking on the Currently Available Bundles title on the homepage. Just follow the Template:Current Bundle for how to format each entry. You can use the "Standard Preloads" drop down at the bottom of the editor to insert a blank current bundle template.

Creating a Game page is as easy as clicking on a red link for a game listed in a bundle, and using the Template:Game to describe the contents. Again there is a "Standard Preloads" drop-down at the bottom of the editor to insert a blank Game template.

To create a new Bundle, open the new page you want to create (by clicking the red Details link on the Current Bundles page or if there is already a red link to it on the Bundle Seller's page). You can then use the "Standard Preloads" drop-down (bottom of edit page) to insert a blank bundle template and fill in the blanks. Alternatively or you can go to the Bundle Sellers page (either directly or by using the sidebar menu), when on the Bundle Seller's page click on a link to a previous bundle, click edit, select the contents and copy it, and then navigate away from (or close) the page and then paste the contents that you had selected into the new page, and edit away.

The Bundle pages use Template:Bundle to fill in the standard information on the bundle including: when it was offered, what games were included, DRM, platforms supported, and if any charities were involved. Bundle pages also include additional information about chronology of the bundle (this was the third bundle from Humble Bundle), a Pricing section, and a Games section. The Games section has subsections about the various Distribution methods (Steam, Desura, etc) and individual DRM-free platform information (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, etc).

For pages that need more information added, please mark them as a Stub. This will call attention to the fact that the page is not complete.

Advanced Editing[]

  • Footnotes / References: To make footnotes / references as seen on individual game pages and the Keys Added page, please see Note that there are two parts to adding footnotes, 1) the individual notes/references which you put in <ref>Footnote text here</ref> tags and 2) the <references /> tag which you place where you want the footnotes displayed (like at the end of the page).
  • Uploading Images: You can add images to game and bundle pages by making up a name with the correct extension (i.e. skyrim.jpg), and then clicking on the 250px red link that shows up on the preview or save. That link will take you to an upload page where you can choose the file from your computer.