Introduction[edit | edit source]

This page is used to track new features as they are added to the wiki. It's meant to highlight changes to the wiki so that people who regularly use and contribute to the wiki don't miss them.

Bundle Template Changes[edit | edit source]

New Icons[edit | edit source]

Mystery Games[edit | edit source]

Template:mystery has been added to use as a placeholder for Mystery Games in Template:Current_Bundle.

Time Remaining[edit | edit source]

A time remaining countdown has been added for Template:Current_Bundle based on the end date (use PST/PDT timezone for date).

Preloads[edit | edit source]

Standard Preloads (found in a drop-down at the bottom of the page when editing) allow the user to quickly insert boiler-plate code for templates. This allows you to quickly create new pages without having to cut and paste the code from other pages (error prone). Note: the boiler-plate code gets inserted where your cursor is (usually on the first line for new pages).

Individual preload pages are located Template:CategoryName/Preload.

The Standard Preloads dropdown is populated by Template:Stdpreloads.

Non-Bundle Templates[edit | edit source]

The following templates have been added for links to non-bundle games:

Media Bundle Templates[edit | edit source]

Template:MediaBundle has been added for non-game bundles such as Game Music Bundle.

DLC[edit | edit source]

While DLC is not the primary focus of this wiki, the following templates have been created to help track this info:

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