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Miscellaneous is a catch-all category for either one-off game bundles by individual developers, bundle sellers that have only had one bundle, and defunct bundles.


  1. Ultrabundle
  2. Indie-Games Summer Six-Pack
  3. The Free Indie Bundle
  4. Summerbatch Volume 1
  5. Super Shock Bundle
  6. The Russian Indie Bundle #1
  7. Charlie’s Games Mega Pack
  8. Bagfull Of Wrong
  9. SavyGamer Bundle
  10. The Fall Pay What You Want Game Bundle
  11. Thumb Arcade iOS Indie Bundle
  12. Super BR JAM
  13. Tower Bundle: Irish Week
  14. Shiny Loot: Patrick Scott Patterson Indie Bundle
  15. Bundle Central: Debut Bundle

Other one-off Bundle Sellers[]

  1. Lunar Workshop
  2. Subsoap
  3. Gamedev
  4. The Bitcoin Bundle

Defunct Bundles[]

  1. The Indie Bundle
  2. Indie Underdog Pack
  3. Indie Face Kick
  4. Indievania