Adam Wikia
First bundle

Jun 26, 2014

Pricing Fixed Price
Charity amount none

While initially only offering bundles through Groupees, KissMyBundles has created their own site to host bundles.


KissMyBundles has hosted the following bundles so far:

  1. The Reprisal Bundle
  2. The Lunar Bundle (KissMyBundles)
  3. iBomber++ Collection
  4. The Lunar Bundle +
  5. The Horror Bundle
  6. Kiss My Fun Box: Steam Classics
  7. Humanity 2.0 Bundle
  8. The HEAVY SIXER Bundle
  9. Crazy Capers Bundle
  10. The Cows n' Guns n' Lasers KissMyBundle
  11. The iBomber and Cobra+++ Super-bundle
  12. The Entropy Bundle
  13. Pixel Heroes KissMyBundle
  14. The Planetary Bundle
  15. The CAPITAL Bundle

Groupees has hosted the following bundles for KissMyBundles so far:

  1. KissMyBundles - The Horror Bundle
  2. Kiss My Bundles
  3. Kiss My Fun Box
  4. The British IBM Bundle