Indie Gala Sim
From Indie Gala
Available Nov 15, 2012 — Nov 25, 2012
BTA Games
DRM Desura GamersGate DRM-free
Platforms Windows

Indie Gala Sim was the thirteenth bundle from Indie Gala.

Pricing[edit | edit source]

This bundle had no minimum for the first three games. Beating the average added four more games.

Games[edit | edit source]

The bundle included Commandos: Bus Driver, Deer Drive, and Police Simulator for all purchasers. For those beating the average, Euro Truck Simulator, Police Simulator 2, Traffic Manager, Bridge Constructor were also included.

Desura[edit | edit source]

Bridge Constructor was made available as a Desura key.

GamersGate[edit | edit source]

Police Simulator 2, and Traffic Manager were made available as GamersGate keys.

Windows[edit | edit source]

Bus Driver, Deer Drive, Police Simulator, and Euro Truck Simulator can be downloaded DRM-free for Windows.

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