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Indie Gala 1
From Indie Gala
Available Dec 5, 2011 — Jan 6, 2012
BTA Games
DRM Steam
Platforms Windows Mac
  • Save the Children
  • Child's Play

Indie Gala 1 was the first bundle from Indie Gala, and did not originally include the 1 in the name. Purchasers of this bundle received an e-mail with keys and download links. As new bonuses were added, purchasers needed to visit the Indie Gala website and have a new e-mail sent to access the new content.


Purchasers could pay anything they wanted for this bundle. To get all eight games it was necessary to purchase in the first two days or beat the average price.


The bundle included Zombie Shooter, inMomentum, Hacker Evolution: Duality, Saira, Your Doodles are Bugged!, Zombie Shooter 2, and Hacker Evolution: Untold from the beginning, with Vizati added later. Zombie Shooter 1 and Hacker Evolution: Untold were only available to those who beat the average or purchased in the first two days.


All games except Vizati were made available as e-mailed Steam keys to activate each game on the purchaser’s account individually.


This bundle did not support Desura.


Vizati is the only game from this bundle that can be downloaded DRM-free for Windows. The other games can be played on Windows through Steam.


Vizati is the only game from this bundle that can be downloaded DRM-free for Mac. Hacker Evolution: Duality and Hacker Evolution: Untold can be played on Mac through Steam.


None of the games in this bundle support Linux.