IndieMeadow Greenlight Bundle
From IndieMeadow
Available Nov 13, 2013 — Dec 1, 2013
DRM DRM-free
Platforms Windows Mac Linux

The IndieMeadow Greenlight Bundle was the first bundle from IndieMeadow.

Pricing[edit | edit source]

Purchasers could set their price from one euro up to as high as desired.

Games[edit | edit source]

The bundle contains Dweebs 3, Full Bore, Little Cells, Plush, Siege Wars, Sphoxie, Splatter.

Steam[edit | edit source]

While no game initially was available on Steam, all games are on Steam Greenlight and Steam keys will be provided as soon as the games are greenlit.

Desura[edit | edit source]

No Desura keys are given on the bundle page, but the following developers will give Desura keys if you send them proof of purchase:

  • Full Bore:
  • Siege Wars:
  • Splatter:

Windows[edit | edit source]

All games of this bundle can be played DRM-Free on Windows.

Mac[edit | edit source]

Plush as well as Little Cells can be played on Mac OS.

Linux[edit | edit source]

Full Bore can be played on Fedora and Ubuntu, Plush and Little Cells can be played on all Linux platforms

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