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IndieMeadow is a bundle service which launched in Mid November 2013. It focuses on Steam and Greenlight games and all bundles are provided on a Pay What You Want-basis with a 1 Euro minimum price.


IndieMeadow has released the following bundles so far:

  1. IndieMeadow Greenlight Bundle
  2. IndieMeadow Holiday Bundle


IndieMeadow bundles are always available on Windows (unless specifically noted) and some of them are cross-platform.


IndieMeadow bundles are always DRM-free. Some of them might be in a Beta state when the bundle is released, which is always mentioned in the game's details.


IndieMeadow tries to provide as many Steam games as possible in their bundle. They also provide dedicated Greenlight bundles with guaranteed Steam keys once the games are greenlit. They encourage buyers to vote for the games in order to get them greenlit faster thus being able to provide Steam keys as soon as possible.


IndieMeadow does not feature a dedicated account system. Rather than that every Email-address gets one dedicated download page upon their first purchase. All further purchases get linked to this download page as well as long as the same Email-address is used. Purchasing a bundle multiple times (e.g. to get multiple keys for each game) is supported and each copy of the bundle will be listed separately on their download page.