Adam Wikia
Bundle In A Box
First bundle

May 23, 2012

Pricing PWYW with minimum and BTA
Charity amount 5%
  • To Perivolaki
  • Australian Red Cross
  • Indie Dev Grant

Bundle In A Box was promised long before becoming available. It releases themed bundles and also supports indie game developers through its Indie Dev Grant, which is a no-strings-attached bundle of money that will be given to an indie developer. The grant amount goes up by $2000 for every 15,000 bundles sold. A small percentage of sales also go toward charity.

It was announced that The Indie Ordinary Gamer Bundle would be the last Bundle In A Box. The site will be taken down on Aug 8, 2014 [1]


There were 8 Bundles In A Box:

  1. Adventure Bundle
  2. Deep Space Bundle
  3. Eclectic Delights
  4. Cerebral Bundle
  5. The Capsule Computers Indie Bundle
  6. The Indie RPG Bundle
  7. The Indie Strategy Bundle
  8. The Indie Ordinary Gamer Bundle