Adam Wikia
Bitcoin Bundle
Pricing PWYW with BTA
Charity amount 10% donated
  • EFF

The Bitcoin Bundle was the first to bundle that could only be purchased in Bitcoins. Most of the games in their bundles only provide Steam keys.The download links will be e-mailed after the purchase which contains the keys and DRM version of the games. 

One of the members described it like this:

"Bitcoin is the indie currency that could move power away from greedy financial institutions. It is the people’s way of fighting back and taking control of their money at a time when it isn't even safe in a bank.

We created this bundle to be special - it’s exclusively handled in Bitcoin. We didn’t just want to have it as a payment option, we wanted to promote the currency itself. All the developers will be paid in the new global digital currency. We want to play our little part in helping change the world for the better."


There bas been 1 Bitcoin Bundle so far:

  1. The Bitcoin Bundle