Adam Wikia
Be Mine Indie Game Bundle
From Groupees
Available Feb 14, 2012 — Feb 28, 2012
DRM Steam DRM-free
Platforms Windows Mac
  • Child's Play

The Be Mine Indie Game Bundle was the first multiple-game bundle from Groupees. Interest in this bundle was more than Groupees' servers could handle at first, but after a few re-launches they were able to keep up. The last bonus added to this bundle was random for each purchaser: either Post Apocalyptic Mayhem or an aquarium screensaver. Many who got the screensaver were upset that they got one less game than those who got PAM.


Purchasers could pay anything they wanted (one dollar minimum) for this bundle. Bonuses unlocked for everyone as the total sales amount increased, so paying more than one dollar would move everyone that much closer to the next bonus.


The bundle started out with Sideway New York, Xotic, Wasteland Angel, Beep, and The Ball. When the $3000 goal was reached, Nikopol: Secrets of the Immortals and all Xotic DLC (including future DLC) were added for everyone. The unreached goal of $75,000 would have added Post Apocalyptic Mayhem for everyone along with the screensaver Dream Aquarium. Groupees decided to randomly add one or the other to each purchase even though the goal was not met, meaning approximately half of the purchasers received an extra game.


Each purchaser received separate Steam keys to activate each game on the purchaser’s account individually. The Xotic DLC was one key, and since the bundle ended a newly-released Xotic DLC was added to the key.


This bundle did not support Desura.


Xotic, Beep and The Ball can be downloaded DRM-free for Windows.


Beep is the only game from this bundle that can be downloaded DRM-free for Mac.


None of the games in this bundle support Linux.